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Potential Energy is a company geared toward energy reduction and environmental services.
Our offices are based in Parkhurst, Johannesburg and are open to any enquiries what ever the case.

With the heavy escalation of energy prices on the rise it is no wonder companies are looking towards a more energy efficient solution to partner with their energy requirements. We offer our clients various energy solutions as each installation on requirement is site specific.

We have a team of highly qualified engineers and filed assistants all of whom are capable of supplying the client with a full detailed energy analyses based on information supplied by the client.

Should you require our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

Energy management
Effective savings in both cost and maintenance can be achieved by installing energy efficient systems onto the premises. Potential Energy offers a range of such products that have been designed to reduce the demand on the electrical grid.
Energy efficient lighting
Over the past few years lighting has become a focus point on the fight against energy demand. Lighting can contribute up to 40% of the total kilowatt usage. By introducing new age technologies we are reducing energy consumption thus resulting less impact on the environment.
Alternate energy solutions
Solar energy is finding itself more and more in the common place. Although considered an expensive alternative power source to regular mains supply once a solar system is fully installed the payback period can be realised in little time.